Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Venice Again

Four Flags
15mm Fisheye F/8 1/160th ISO 200 with a little fill flash.

Just wanted to post a few more shots from Venice beach. I really didn't get a chance to edit the ones I posted before very well and didn't do the trip justice. Also check out Rob's post on the trip in his blog(I'm the local reader Randy, I feel famous now :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finding The Art In Photography

OK, it's no secret that I'm a technical geek when it comes to photography. I love to study all the how's and why's of the medium, and I shoot everything in manual because I like to have my hand in all the elements that make up the photo.

Lately though, I just haven't been getting the fulfillment from it that I once did. I think as I jump over more and more technical hurdles the truth of my goal with photography becomes clearer and clearer, that I want to take profound images. Something moving, something emotional, something thought provoking. Something art.