Monday, August 27, 2007

The Family Circle

Just realized I'm a few posts in and I haven't even introduced my family.

17-40 F/4L @ 17mm F/5.6 1/160th

This is my wife Jennifer, age unspecified for my safety, my daughter Megan, almost 4, and my son Andrew, about 4 months. I'm the ugly mug on the bottom if you haven't deduced it.

There is a lot to balance trying to be involved in a family, work a full time job, start a small side business, and still try to have a life outside of it all on occasion. It's not the easiest life, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Everytime I look into their eyes I know I made the right decisions. Anything else I accomplish in life is just gravy.

Anyways, for the photo curious, this shot is done by us all laying on the floor and I have the camera outstretched over us. My flash was pointed backwards and slightly to the side so that it fired into the ceiling and the corner of two white walls coming together to give a nice even light with a hint of direction. In photoshop I bumped the contrast, applied a B&W layer to tweak the skin tones nice and light, and then burned in the corners a bit.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Street Photography

OK, I'm not much of a street photographer, and my photos here prove that, but I was just dying to get out and shoot something other than children. Not that I don't love to photograph them, especially my own, but I was ready for a break.

I had also been meaning to meet up with a fellow photograph that I knew online and haven't met who writes what is pretty much my favorite blog to follow, "Mom Says I'm Running Away". It's currently not working right now, but I strongly recommend checking it out once it's back up and running(see my links).

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dynamic Lighting Done Naturally(well, kind of)

Hollywood Starlit
50mm @ F/2.8 1/60th ISO200

For me, what really makes a portrait come to life is dynamic lighting. There's many ways to do this, but I wanted to touch on pulling it off using natural light only.

Getting Into the Flow

Water 1

OK, I know I'm slower than a faucet drip getting these posts in, but I'm going to double my efforts to get that faucet flowing, even if I have no readers at this point.