Monday, August 27, 2007

The Family Circle

Just realized I'm a few posts in and I haven't even introduced my family.

17-40 F/4L @ 17mm F/5.6 1/160th

This is my wife Jennifer, age unspecified for my safety, my daughter Megan, almost 4, and my son Andrew, about 4 months. I'm the ugly mug on the bottom if you haven't deduced it.

There is a lot to balance trying to be involved in a family, work a full time job, start a small side business, and still try to have a life outside of it all on occasion. It's not the easiest life, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Everytime I look into their eyes I know I made the right decisions. Anything else I accomplish in life is just gravy.

Anyways, for the photo curious, this shot is done by us all laying on the floor and I have the camera outstretched over us. My flash was pointed backwards and slightly to the side so that it fired into the ceiling and the corner of two white walls coming together to give a nice even light with a hint of direction. In photoshop I bumped the contrast, applied a B&W layer to tweak the skin tones nice and light, and then burned in the corners a bit.

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