Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kids Fishing Day at the Hatchery

Rainbow Trout

On the Saturday morning of our trip to Lake Siskiyou, we took the kids to the Mount Shasta State Fish Hatchery. Three days each summer the hatchery allows kids to fish the holding ponds and catch two rainbow trout each. They supply the bait (worms) and have loaner fishing poles and tackle if needed (we brought our own). The best thing, the whole event is free!

Hatchery pond

The kids had a wonderful time reeling in their fish, and all three of them limited out in less than a half an hour (it was serious speed fishing). The hardest part is going to be next time we go fishing, having to explain to them why they are not getting a bite every 10 seconds :-)

The kids and their limit

We took our catch to the marina at Lake Siskiyou where they have a cleaning table and prepared them for our meal that we'd have later that night. Let me tell you, they take really good care of those fish there. Every one of them had a nice pink color to the meat, and they were really really yummy :-)


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Felicia said...

When we went fishing for piranhas on the Amazon river, I was cussing because I wasn't getting a bite every 10 seconds.

Clearly I have the patience of a 2-year-old and the mouth of a dirty sailor. Oops.