Monday, June 15, 2009

Bye Bye Boots!

The Boots I Grew To Hate

I tried to make it work. Alternating socks, laced up tight, laced up loosely, and everything in-between, but I've officially made the decision that I'm breaking up with my boots. My heels wanted me to burn them, but I think instead I'll take advantage of REI's kick butt 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy.

I was at an REI used gear sale this weekend when this decision occurred to me. Boot after boot, and shoe after shoe I looked at, and the comment on the card read "customer returned due to causing blisters". Some of them were almost completely worn down at that point (making me wonder if the customer was being very ethical in their decision). I spoke to an employee and asked about their return policy, explaining how I've had these boots for over a year now, but every time I take them on the trail I regret it and come home with sore blistered feet. They seemed to think that is a perfectly good reason to return them. Who am I to disagree? :-)

So this weekend (or sooner) I'm taking them in. Maybe someone with better feet than mine will get an awesome deal on a lightly used pair of Montrail Torres at the next REI used gear sale. As for me, I'll be trying on a nice comfy pair of lightweight Merrells. No more mega-boots (and mega-blisters) for me.

Speaking of gear, my latest online addiction is monitoring all day for killer deals on outdoor stuff. Someone I met at the used gear sale turned me on to this site, and I've been checking it off and on all day. Basically they list one item at a time for a limited time (usually 15-20 minutes) and at about 50-75% off. Thanks (I think...).

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