Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My First Art Show

VOX Sept flyer
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So this weekend I'll be showing some of my photographs at the Vox Second Saturday Art Show. Every second Saturday in Sacramento there is a big art walk going on, so the people at Vox put together different showings with local artists. This month they are featuring local photographers that are part of the Sacramento Photographers group on Flickr. So it's not really like I was singled out for my talents or anything, but all the same I'm really excited to be a part of it.


So I went down there last night to hang my prints and finally got to check the place out. It's a shared business place called the Urban Hive and had lots of cool old brick walls and was a pretty laid back casual environment (my kind of place). I grabbed a spot the wall just inside the front doors and large windows that can be seen from outside and was lit quite well. It was kind of a pain to get thirteen 11x14 frames all lined up and looking decent, but damn it looked cool once I was done. I'll get some pics of the display this weekend.


All the prints I have hung at the showing can be seen here:

**Edit to Add** Just in case coming to see my fabulous art isn't enough reason, maybe this will sweeten the deal:

Been a busy week getting ready for this, and we went on an amazing camping trip last weekend. I'll try to get some photos and a writeup on that later this weekn.


Jill said...

Your work looks SERIOUSLY cool up there. Honestly, it's some really great stuff and I'm so excited that you were able to participate.

AlwaysJanuary said...

Thanks Jill. I can't wait for Saturday to come. It's going to be awesome to see everyone's work and to have mine seen.