Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun in the Tub


Had a little fun with bathtime the other day with Andrew, and pulled out my Westcott Apollo softbox. That thing really puts out a great light. It doesn't take much either. I think I had the Strobe set to 1/16th power (maybe it was 1/8th, I don't remember). That power is perfect for shooting portraits at F/2.8 or so. Nice shallow DOF, clean crisp focus, nice soft yet directional light, and recycle time is nonexistent.


I did have a little scare with my Elinchrom El-Skyport radio triggers though. Hooked everything up, went to shoot, and then my flash didn't fire. Checked the channel, sync cord, everything looked good but it wouldn't trigger. Luckily I keep my good old trusty fallback home-made sync cord around. That thing always works, and I always have it in my lighting bag just in case!

Turns out my trigger (that goes on the camera, as opposed to the receiver that plugs into the flash) had a dead battery. 10 bucks and trip to Radio Shack later and it's working just fine and I know have a backup battery in the bag. I still think the Elinchroms are a great alternative to the more expensive Pocket Wizards.


So hopefully I'll be pulling my lighting kit out a bit more often again, and I'll try to sneak in a subject or two that isn't a child of mine. What can I say though, I'm blessed with cute kids that love the camera :-)



Steve said...

Brilliant lighting for being so simple. The clarity and catchlights are amazing.

Felicia said...

Gorgeous light!

By the way, Andrew has really intense eyes. Nice.

AlwaysJanuary said...

Thanks! My wife and I keep trying to figure out how we had such cute kids. Must be all in the mix (Though I think it's mostly her) :-)

dreams of marius said...

Thank you for sharinng this