Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paddling Lake Natoma

Our Canoe

We've been spending a lot of time at nearby lake Natoma, paddling around in our new canoe. It's a great spot to paddle, and is only 25 minutes or so away from us(no freeway needed). Natoma is basically a flow control reservoir in-between Lake Folsom and the American river that flows into Sacramento. Since the water comes from the bottom of Folsom it is always cold (which the trout love), and since it is used to make the flow into the American fairly constant the water level stays pretty much the same year round. It's a particularly good lake for canoes and kayaks as motorboats are restricted to 5mph on the entire lake (and hence, you almost never see any of them).


It's been a fun place to explore and see lots of wildlife, and for being so close to everything it feels like you're far from it all.


Our favorite spot to put-in has been at the Willow Creek access, but Negro Bar and Nimbus Dam are fun to paddle around as well. It costs 3 dollars to park at Willow creek, and 8 at either of the other two (maybe that's why we like Willow Creek so well).

Speaking of Canoeing, I'll be helping out in the Fundamentals of Canoeing class put on by the Red Cross this weekend and I'll be taking their River Canoeing class later this month. They have a great program, so if you're interested in canoeing and live in the Sacramento area check them out:

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Steve said...

Man that's some awesome light in that first/top photo. What a sunset view! Makes me want to go buy a canoe... and move somewhere that has great places like this!