Monday, August 3, 2009

Mount Shasta and Lake Siskiyou Wrap Up


There's something spiritual about spending time in the presence of a sleeping volcano. Shasta dominates the horizon at Lake Siskiyou; you simply can't help but stare at it in awe. Covered in snow even in the middle of summer, Shasta boasts the only known growing glacier system in the continental US. These seven glaciers help feed one of the purest water sources around (see my posts on some of the local waterfalls). The whole area just seems to resonate an energy that revives the soul.


For the three nights we were here, we camped at the Lake Siskiyou camp resort. I wasn't sure what to expect staying at a private campground with the word "resort" in it's name, as we usually frequent public lands with less amenities. It was actually a pretty pleasant stay. The campgrounds were relatively removed from the RVs, camp store and restaurant/bar, and other such things. Though there were over 200 spots to stay, it didn't feel too crowded. The beach access had a bit of a touristy feel, but it was actually quite a nice place for the kids to swim and play in the sand. The only bad thing about staying here in mid July was that it was quite hot in the middle of the day(you shouldn't be at camp mid-day anyhow...There's way too many things to see in the area), but by night it was pleasant to hang out by the fire and pass a few bottles of wine around under the starry sky.


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